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segunda-feira, 13 de maio de 2013

Mozambique vote chief spotted in ruling party tee-shirt

Mozambique's top election official will not seek another term after being photographed wearing a campaign tee-shirt from the ruling party, state media reported Friday. "I decided to withdraw my candidacy for the sake of the electoral bodies and the credibility of elections to come," Leopoldo da Costa told Radio Moçambique. Da Costa has served as head of the National Election Commission since 2008 and had been nominated for another term. But he has faced public outrage since pictures of him sporting a Frelimo tee-shirt and cap surfaced in a local newspaper in April. Mozambique is preparing to hold municipal elections in November and parliamentary and presidential polls in 2014. Five seats on its 13-seat electoral commission are reserved for the ruling Frelimo party, three for opposition parties, three for civil society and two for the judiciary. Critics accuse the ruling party of politicising the civil service.

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